Friday, June 16, 2006

Rain rain Go Away!!

It's hard to keep up a happy frame of mind when we haven't seen the sun in 2 weeks. But, it is nice to see everything finally turning green and the wild flowers showing up along the beach road as I take my walks in between showers. I do have to admit, I have been doing a good lot of my walking in the house due to the dreary weather. We have had constant moose visitors to our yard lately. Mama & single calf and Mama and twin calves and 1 - 3 last years calves have been trying real hard to get at our bushes in the flower beds. The older moose are so scraggly as they are shedding their winter hair. Mama Cat tries to catch the moose. I think she thinks they are giant mice!! Last weekend of fishing, this weekend. I'm looking forward to the seeing the Buffalo and Woodpeckers tonight. I hope Papa Buffalo and medium size girl buffalo have a quiet weekend - as I'm sure they will. I'll miss them, tho. When are the Wolves going to visit us again? Anyway, if anyoe reads this - you have a happy day and think SUN!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Thoughts for the day

I don't feel so good today. A little "niggy" headache and a bit of stomach upset. I'm sure I'll feel better by tomorrow. I did take my Echinacea and vitamins so I expect to feel better soon. I had planned a trip to Homer to get my hair cut and go to the grocery store tho, so I'm a bit disappointed. Getting my hair cut is such a big deal. I'm so undecided as to what I should do with it. Short short is not an option but maybe I should get the sides cut shorter and keep the back to a bit above my shoulders. When I made the hair appointment I was having a bad hair day. Today, I like my hair just fine the way it is. However, it's now right at the length that if it grows anymore, it will be to long. I can wear it in a high pony tail now. But I am 59 yrs old now and don't want to look like I'm trying to be a teenager. I need a 59 yr old style that makes me look younger yet my age. Yikes! I see myself starting to look my age now, also. At least up close. But that's ok - getting older and looking older is part of life. But wearing the perfect hair style has alot to do with how a person looks. Any thoughts on the subject?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Memories of a fabulous week

Things have quieted down now that Memorial weekend is over. I have got to say that was one fabulous week!! Having ALL my kids and grandkids and even the great grandkids all together ment the world to me. I love all of them so much I ache!! We had perfect weather - days in the 60's and sun, sun, and more sun!! Grandpa Stan made the week entertaining and fun, with all his brilliant ideas to entertain and keep everyone too busy to pick on each other!! The talent show was so fun - we got so many laughs. I hope the grandkids may have formed memories to last them a life time. The great "outhouse" move was something to behold. I was convinced, in my doubtful mind, that it was going to be impossible to do. Yet, with Stan's determination and John, Eric and Donny's muscle's it was accomplished without anyone being hurt to seriously. It was so wonderful to have Donny here with us. What a kid! So handsome and sweet. I'm very proud of him and Joshua. Shana has done us proud with her two older boys. Melissa, Buddy , Devyn and Kymber and I had several very enjoyable trips to the beach. With Kym and Dev running along, and Loo-Loo and Buddy enconsed in the buggie, we four made pretty good time to the beach, almost every day of that week. Little Hunter learned to ride his two wheeler bike. I am so proud. And that Brittany - wow - she's so creative with her designer jeans she created for all the ladies and girls who's Mom's (and Dad's - John and Elizabeth) who didn't mind her drawing on their "good" jeans. Her and Noey were on their best behavior this week - I do believe.
Miss Taylor and her buddie Rukia (spelling?) did quiet well on their driving lesson with Grandma. They only scared me a couple of times - :). Da Bears and the Ravens were a bit quieter then the rest of the clan. My Shane got a bit tired at times. Mama Bear enjoys her showers - can't say as I blame her. Miss Marina was as bashful in front of the camera as ever and it seems Miss Sierra was also - as she decided to not play her sax for us after all at the talent show. But the next morning, I overheard her playing early in the morning at the baby Buffalos tent - what a job!! She would have stole the show - for sure!! You owe me a private concert, Miss Sierra!!
Well, this is my keepsake memory of one great Memorial Week/Weekend!! Thanks to my 4 wonderful kids and my 12 wonderful grandkids, and 2 great-grandkids - Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all sooooo very much!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

To Heidi -

Ok, my lovely daughter. When I said I wanted a gramma head and a sexy curvy body, I didn't mean a cross dresser's body! I was thinking more of a playboy bunny body!! I really just wanted big boobs!!! :) . Maybe my queen pix would be a better picture - also, if you're not happy with my name "Golden Grammy" maybe the "Restless Reality" would be a better blog name. Altho, I do like Golden Grammy alot too. Gotta go. Luv U
It's promising to be a semi nice day today. I'm off to have Patti cut my hair here in a bit and then hopefully go for a walk with her and or my friend Cindy - who lives in Oregon in the winter and on the North Fork in the summer. Key let Heath use his backhoe last night and while he scooped up sand Erica was smoothing it out with a shovel in the "camp pit:". I'm not sure if this is going to help any. Dad thinks he can use the snow plow blade to smooth it out if Heath can fill it in some more. Way to go Heath and Erica!! Pray for lots more sunshine - See you next week. If you bake a Birthday cake, I'll bring the ice cream!!

Monday, May 08, 2006

What's on my mind!

I have a bit of time before I need to go to Homer to do a deposit and take my dad to the dentist and do some other errands - I'm going to try out this new way of communicating with you' all. It was spritzing a bit of snow earlier while I was on my walk to the beach. Bah-humbug! I love to go to the beach and sit and meditate for 15 minutes or so. It's so very refreshing and soothing to my mind and thoughts. I wish everyone could feel what I feel when I'm down there, starring at the ocean and the mountains across the bay. I saw a seal right next to the beach - in the water of course, the other day. And in the marshy area by the boat launch were 3 "lower" canadian geese and dozens of beautiful ducks. There were 5 sandhill cranes there a few days ago also. I feel so blessed to live here and be able to walk to the beach whenever I want to. We have people coming late this afternoon to look at the house. We had people come on Saturday and a lady on Sunday came by to check it out for her parents. It's unreal that we may actually have to move out of here sometime in the near future. Well, hey, you guys - that's what's on my mind this morning. See you later.

I'm officially a blogger now!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

this is a test